Massive Fuckjob

You read it here first. Well, you will, soon enough. And good thing, too, because I can’t imagine MASSIVE FUCKJOB is going to be a widely-released literary phenomenon.

First things first, my name is actually Cory McCallum, but I have more aliases than Carter’s got pills, so I have decided the NaNoWriMo moniker should be an old classic, Tasty Yumyum, fictional guitar player extraordinaire from Dank Resin, the best band ever to never play a note.

I read a lot, but I write very little aside from lyrics.  I went to Carleton for journalism and really did a number on the department (and my bank account) before not-so-gracefully tucking my tail between my legs and heading home to Orangeville.

I have no idea what MASSIVE FUCKJOB is going to be about, nor do I much care. I also have fairly solid intentions of not finishing the book, seeing as my wife and I are three weeks away from welcoming the second Yumyum papoose to this mortal coil. Maintaining a somewhat healthy relationship with my wife and holding on to some semblance of sanity are much higher on my priority list than you dimwits reading my rambling drivel.

So, hold on to your toques and tighten your boots.  Here comes a MASIVE FUCKJOB.

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