iPhone Challenge update & Review of the WriteRoom app

I’ve been trying to focus on writing lately so I’ve been neglecting the blog, so i thought I’d just give everyone a quick update on how the iPhone challenge is going and talk about the WriteRoom iOS app I’ve been using.

First of all, the iPhone challenge. I am loving this. Wherever I go I can work on my NaNo, whether I’m walking down the street, on the subway, at the office, having dinner, or out at the bar. Whenever I get an idea I can get it down and do some writing (ideas seem to be hard to come by lately, so if I get one it’s great that I can write it down before I forget).

I haven’t had any problems or frustration by being restricted to my using my iPhone so far. I seem to have developed an odd typing technique where I’ll always use my right thumb, but alternate between my left thumb, index, and middle finger….odder because I’m right handed. I’ve almost exclusively been using portrait because it takes less movement and it’s a lot easier on the thumbs. I expected I’d have switched to landscape by now, but I’m making less and less typos in portrait as I go so it hasn’t been necessary. So far so good i guess.

The WriteRoom App

I’ll keep this short. Just like in my WordPress app review I want to be clear that I love this app and it’s mind-blowing that i can do what I’m doing from my phone.

I like that you can customize by choosing from 37 different fonts and 15 colours on this app. Right now I’m obviously using Futura…obviously. (Editor’s Note: Ew. How is that obvious? Futura is a terrible copy font.) You can customize the background colours too which is cool, but I’ve been sticking to white. Since my iPhone challenge dictates that I can’t use my computer, I haven’t yet seen how well it interfaces with it.

A few complaints now:

1. WHY CAN’T I SHAKE TO UNDO? This is so annoying. Seriously.

2. Really inconsistent about auto-formatting words. You can probably see a lot of places in this post where it says ‘im’ ‘havent’ or ‘ive’. (ya I’ve started writing my blog posts in WriteRoom and pasting them into WordPress because not being able to save in WordPress is so frustrating)

3. Same problem as the WordPress app where I keep losing view of the typing space. This can also be fixed by flipping to landscape then flipping back.

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