Outlining. It’s supposed to be amazingly helpful, it’s supposed to help you actually write the novel (in a month or not)… and I’ve never actually done it. At all, for any story, including my win last year. But this year, I’ve finally actually buckled down to Snowflake my novel.

Sort of.

I’m definitely really liking the idea behind Snowflaking my novel, but I really don’t like the idea of actually sitting down and planning it out, scene by scene. That seems a bit too much like micromanaging, to me, haha.

I have, however, written almost 9000 words already on my novel – without writing a single word of prose. I’m expecting to hit almost 15 000 words of research/notes/planning/outlining before November 1st. Most of this planning can be found at my personal blog, though admittedly most of that is older thoughts, and half of that has changed.

Do you prefer to outline, or just fly by the seat of your pants? If you outline, what method do you use? Have you ever Snowflaked?