Editor’s Note: You may have noticed I recently added a Verse section to Stranger Than Truth. One of the main reasons for this was to highlight awesome pieces of rhythmic fiction by Tasty Yumyum like this one about a great musical triumph.

I wrote this for a children’s book that my friends and I put together as a present for a newborn. Continue reading “Spadonkadonk”

Razzamatazz musters bold candour.

Awaiting the first pages of my novel The Kleptocracy to present themselves, I have faith in these two poems:

She is as a scroll of fervent Thuluth.
Not adorned but is ornamentation
Of Life; flitting through perilous existence.
A Minaret scene through and above the spandrels,
Gilt and wondrous!

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Motorcycle Marley

Motorcycle Marley
Editor’s Note: Tasty has a way with the rhyming epic—here’s another lyrical tesserac that Yumyum himself describes “a Seussian exercise in cadence.” Read on and enjoy the ballad of Motorcycle Marley. It’s an uplifting story of passion, determination and thoroughly popped wheelies.
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